The Reusable Servicing Vehicle

Optimising the In-Space Infrastructure

Designed to reflect Lúnasa’s vision: Accelerating the world’s transition to affordable, sustainable, and reliable in-space economy.


VIA is Lúnasa’s first generation vehicle, a reusable, dual-stage, and automated miniature space station, offering ridesharing (last-mile delivery) and life-extension services for satellites in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO). 

Our next generation vehicles will be more advanced and located in higher Earth orbits, providing a range of in-orbit services for satellites.

what's next..

Lúnasa is currently developing an In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) mission to be launched by Q1 2024. The mission is designed to de-risk the innovation. Upon completion of the IOD mission, Lúnasa will initiate the commercial launch of VIA.