A reusable Orbital transfer vehicle

Reinventing In-Space Transportation

Designed to reflect Lúnasa’s vision: Accelerating the world’s transition to an affordable, reliable, and sustainable access to space.


VIA is a reusable in-space Orbital Transfer Vehicle capable of transporting satellites up to 200 kg and delivering them into a tailor-made final orbit, anywhere in LEO (< 2000 km).

Through reusability of VIA, Lúnasa can offer the SmallSat industry a highly affordable and reliable in-space ridesharing solution.

VIA is also capable of hosting payloads up to 20 kg throughout the mission, where the payloads will be provided with power, housekeeping, attitude control, and raising orbital altitudes to new heights where it has been inaccessible until now for SmallSats.

Lúnasa is a UK based innovative space start-up focusing on developing in-space logistical infrastructure. Lúnasa aims to support the UK, the European nations, and the rest of the world by producing highly affordable, reliable, and sustainable solutions for the space industry to access space.

what's next..

Lúnasa is currently developing an In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) mission to be launched by mid-2023. The mission is designed to de-risk the innovation. Upon completion of the IOD mission, Lúnasa will initiate the commercial launch of VIA.