AOCS/GNC Engineer (Part-time/Full-time)

About Lúnasa:
As a startup located in the UK, we are developing an innovative reusable orbital transfer vehicle that will benefit the space industry with affordable, reliable, sustainable, and frequent access to space. With Lúnasa’s patent-pending technologies, we aim to solve the critical challenges of in-space infrastructure.

Lúnasa’s team consist of passionate engineers with a background in space and aerospace engineering. A highly qualified team in the domains of space engineering, attitude and orbit control, propulsion engineering, along with a group of expert advisors from the industry, we aim to reinvent the in-space transportation system.

Location: TBD

Job summary:
Lúnasa is seeking an ideal candidate to support the guidance, navigation, and control systems design and operations for our reusable orbital transfer vehicle. The applicant should be able to work in a startup environment and willing to go an extra mile for solving critical challenges. This is one of the most critical work packages at Lúnasa and requires extra attention to details. There may be an opportunity to offer the suitable candidate a fully paid PhD position as well while working at Lúnasa.


  • Demonstrateable background in spacecraft attitude and orbit control systems (AOCS) and/or determination systems (ADCS).
  • Experience with using STK or similar platform
  • Identifying critical development problems and assisting in their resolution
  • Skilled user of C++/C.
  • Able to analyse and evaluate controller performance from telemetry.

Key Skills and Experience:

  • Be able to test the required performance of the sensors.
  • Familiar with common industry-standard software development practices.
  • Excellent technical communications skills (written/verbal)
  • Linux system user

Education and work experience:

The ideal candidate must have a minimum of a Master degree where relates to GNC/AOCS disciplines. A minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience is also required.

This position is for a candidate who has the rights to work in the UK