Lúnasa Space partners with Skyrora to offer flexible ridesharing and last-mile delivery service

Lúnasa Space is delighted to announce today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Skyrora, a launch provider for small satellites.

Both companies’ visions are geared towards the same overall goal, which is to offer easier and cost-effective access to space to small satellite operators. This agreement reflects a mutual desire to closely collaborate to facilitate the launch of small satellites into their final operational orbit. Lúnasa Space will provide the necessary support to Skyrora to make this collaboration a success.

“2021 have been a very exciting year for the UK Space Sector. With the CAA well underway with the licensing process, Skyrora is delighted to agree with Lúnasa Space to supply them with orbital access using our Skyrora XL vehicle in the near future” said Derek Harris, Skyrora’s Business operations Manager.

“This collaboration is a big step forward for us to achieve our objectives in supporting the local launch industry and advancing affordable access to space,” said Amin Chabi, Lúnasa’s founder and CEO. “We want to demonstrate to the world that UK has the landscape and capabilities of being a frontier in space technologies. Now with our reusable VIA and Skyrora’s launcher, we are able to offer end-to-end launch support to Small Satellite operators.”

This partnership is the opportunity to bring together our common interests to strengthen each company’s activities to benefit the UK small satellite industry. The government’s vision is for the UK to be at the global forefront of small satellite launch and emerging space transportation markets, maximising the value of the spaceports and launch from the UK, making the UK home for low-cost launch services and developing platform technologies to promote even lower-cost access to space.

About Skyrora

Skyrora is an Edinburgh-based Smallsat launch provider founded in 2017 by Volodymyr Levykin. By combining expertise, experience, and passion, Skyrora’s team provides innovative and reliable launch vehicles that respond to smallsat operators’ needs. The efforts of the team to become the go-to smallsat launch provider were rewarded through the price of the “Best Small Satellite Launch Vehicle Manufacturer 2020” by the Aviation & Aerospace Awards 2020.

About Lúnasa Space

Lúnasa Space is a London-based start-up established in early 2021 by Amin Chabi, the CEO. The firm brings together a team of passionate space engineers to make the company’s vision a reality: through its Reusable Orbital Transfer Vehicle, Lúnasa Space aims to accelerate the world’s transition to an affordable, reliable, and sustainable access to space.