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A highly cost-effective and reliable Orbital Transfer Vehicle, made for Small Satellite industry.

What we do

Three of the main challenges in the Small Satellite industry are:

  • The cost to launch a satellite into orbit,
  • A high mass of propellant that satellites consume to reach the desired operational orbit,
  • And unable to operate at higher LEO altitudes, due to propulsion challenges and end-of-mission requirements.

In this context, Lúnasa aims to develop the next-generation Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV) capable of providing a ridesharing solution for SmallSats which will offer a much lower launch cost, transferring and deploying satellites precisely into their optimal orbits, and host payloads anywhere in LEO (< 2000 km).

What we offer

Created by Srinivas Agrafrom the Noun Project

Tailored Orbits

Precise injection into orbits with customised altitudes, inclination, and LTAN/RAAN.

Created by monkikfrom the Noun Project

Cost and schedule

Reduced costs and enhanced schedules related to launching services with launch providers.

Created by Jardson Almeidafrom the Noun Project

Reduced risk

Utilising high TRL and flight-proven sub-systems to eliminate potential risks.

Payload hosting

Ability to host payloads on-orbit, provide housekeeping, station keeping, and reduce ground operations complexity and cost.

Created by Shochofrom the Noun Project

Payload qualification and integration

Team of experts to advice and guide the customer through necessary qualification and integration requirements for a successful mission.

Created by Gicon studiofrom the Noun Project

Constellation deployment

Ability to deploy multiple satellites part of a constellation in a single mission.

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