Our Vision

Over 24,000 satellites are set to be launched by this decade, however, more than 10% of these satellites need some sort of maintenance by the first operational year, and 50% by the 3rd year, resulting in major losses for constellation operators.

Lúnasa envisions accelerating the world’s transition to affordable, sustainable, and reliable in-space economy. 

To enable that vision, we are developing a constellation of reusable and automated miniature orbital maintenance stations for the satellite industry, capable of offering quick and affordable in orbit maintenance services.

What we do

Our reusable and automated miniature space stations are capable of offering multiple in-orbit maintenance services, starting from relocating satellites, and expanding to refuelling, repositioning, repairing, and removing inoperative satellites in Earth orbits and beyond.

Lúnasa is focused on optimising the in-space infrastructure and aiming at creating a future where every satellite is reusable and our space operations are sustainable.

Our Partners and Supporters

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Address: Atlas Bldg., Harwell Campus, OX11 0QX, United Kingdom.

Email: info@lunasaspace.com